Life is never routine for father of sixteen and Christian non-fiction author, Dr. James B. Carroll.  He has recently earned a Doctor of Ministry degree in Evangelism and Missions at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  His dissertation focused on the relationship between social action and evangelism in the life and ministry of the person in the pew, their local church, and the denomination with which they identify.  The ultimate goal of his research and writing on the subject is a published book to which he will next focus his attention.

Those times away from more intentional research and writing find him blogging about issues of faith and the Church.  Many of his blogposts can be found at the Lausanne website, http://conversation.lausanne.org/en/people/profile/ jamesbcarroll, where he has participated as an active blogger for the Cape Town 2010 Bloggers Network, an outreach of the The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization.  For most of the past year, he could be found on the “all-time most active” list of participants, his blogs recording more than 58,000 views.  Topics addressed in his blogs include the importance of a simple cup of water in reaching out to those in need, the divisiveness surrounding the question of ordaining women, and his recognition of a premature daughter as a gift from God.

Meanwhile, additional blogposts are available at http://jamesbcarroll.com.  Personal reflections and insights include his wife Barbara, their four biological children, and twelve children added to their clan through the miracle of adoption.  While all of the children have brought joy and happiness to the family and the home they share, each child has contributed an array of distinctive issues and challenges to the daily life of the family.  Most of the children, ranging in age from preteens to mid-30’s, are grown.  However, the six children still in the home absorb significant chunks of his daily routine with a flurry of appointments and meetings with health care professionals, teachers, and school representatives.

Pastoral qualifications for writing about the life of the Church include more than twenty years of ministry experience, in and beyond the local church.  Dr. Carroll has written and executed a wide range of presentations for administrative and educational purposes, including the pre-service and in-service training of foster and adoptive families in conjunction with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.  In addition to the earned doctorate, his educational experience includes an undergraduate degree in History and Religion from McMurry University and a Master of Divinity degree from Drew University Theological School.

Be it research and intensive writing, blogging about issues facing the Church, or the idiosyncrasies of raising an adoptive family, Dr. Carroll willingly shares the joys and challenges that his life journey has offered.  Whether it is issues that divide rather than unite the Church or issues unique to foster and adoptive parents, he has perspectives to share and challenges to the status quo to suggest to those who turn to his blog and social media connections.

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